Scout group floored by Lions donation


The deteriorating condition of the flooring in a building that had been well used by local scouts for over 50 years brought a request for help to Lowestoft Lions.
The floor in the main hall at the 1st Carlton Colville Air Scouts’ headquarters in St George’s Road, Lowestoft was breaking up and becoming a hazard.
Group Scout Leader Veronica Duff said, “Repairs to the floor were going to cost in the region of £4000 which was a huge sum for us to find. We began fundraising by running stalls at fetes and bingo sessions and also sought help from charitable organisations. Lowestoft Lions responded to our request and we met up and explained our plight. It transpired that one of the Lions, Ivan Gilbert, was one of the original twelve members who helped to form the scout group 65 years ago. In those days they met at the old school in Rectory Road, Carlton Colville but they later relocated to a former net store in St Georges Road.”An extension had been built beside the net store which was later to be named the Gordon Steward Memorial Hall after a long serving scout leader and it was the floor in that building that had worn out.

Lion Ivan Gilbert said “the suspended wooden floor was built on timber joists and it was the plywood topping that had deteriorated but the joists were still sound. When the situation was considered at a Lions meeting it was agreed that we should part fund a contractor to fit replacement plywood and then a topping of strong hardwearing vinyl material. The Lions were able to pay for over half of the amount needed to pay for the work.

At a ceremony in front of the whole scout group, after the work had been completed, Lion President Derek Ward handed over a cheque to Derek Easey the group treasurer.

Veronica Duff speaking on behalf of the group said, “Over 85 youngsters use the hall each week and we are really grateful to the Lions for their help – which has been immeasurable.”