Lion Barry Cambridge – R.I.P.


It is with great sadness that we announce that long serving Lion Barry Cambridge passed away on 26 March 2018.

Lion Barry had been a longstanding member of Lions Clubs in the area for over 20 years serving at Beccles, Southwold and at Lowestoft.

He was a well-known businessman who for many years was the proprietor of Southwold Town Garage before taking on a cycle shop. When the idea of a sleigh was suggested as a means of fundraising at Christmas, Barry offered his garage in which to build it. His knowledge of vehicle construction was invaluable to modify an old caravan and turn it into a sleigh. The workmanship was so good that the sleigh has been used by Lowestoft Lions every year since.

Lowestoft Lions pay tribute to Barry for his commitment as a dedicated charity man. He was also very generous and the club was most grateful when he would donate a new cycle as a prize in various fundraising raffles.

Barry will be greatly missed by many in Lions clubs across East Anglia and our sympathies go out to his partner Sally and all the family.