Lions bring Sandcastle Fun to the Lowestoft Summer Festival 2017

There was plenty of fun to be had on the towns golden sands during this years Lowestoft Summer festival courtesy of Lowestoft Lions.
An eager crowd of children and adults armed with buckets and spades descended on the beach south of Claremont Pier to try to better the total number of sandcastles built in one hour – that was achieved last year.

The record then was a staggering 1,574 sandcastles, which the organisers thought would take some beating. But the band of sand diggers were optimistic and with the encouragement of the Beach Radio team they set about their task. The weather kept fine for the challenge and the Lion organisers had a busy time placing colourful flags kindly provided by the Kirkley Peoples
Forum in each completed castle

At the final count after 60 minutes a total of 917 sandcastles had been built and although not a record the diggers felt satisfied that they had done their best.

The next day, the South Beach was again the place to be when the Lions Sandcastle Design Competition took place. A modest number of competitors pitted their creative skills against each other to come up with the most appealing design for the judges.

The final decision was very close but judge Cllr. Sonia Barker eventually awarded first place and the prize to Gracie, Chloe, Sarah & Craig Chant.

The successful Lowestoft Summer Festival 2017 was organised by a multi-organisation committee with the help of

Lions Mark Lanham (Chair), Trevor Waters (Treasurer), Derek Ward (Minute Secretary) and Mick Howes (Publicity)