Lowestoft Lions Boost for Schoolchildren’s Well-being


A donation of toys, puzzles, games and books to a Lowestoft-area school is set to help to support the well-being of their students.
Lowestoft Lions responded to a request to provide some extra items that one school needed, as they met both the learning as well as the social and emotional needs of their pupils.
Jane Cooper, pastoral lead at Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy, said: “Within our school we use a therapeutic approach to help support children with their emotional and social development that goes under the heading of ‘Thrive’.

“It is a course that we run to help children who need some extra support with their emotional growth by reading or playing indoor games.

“To have the help from Lowestoft Lions and to have these items bought for us is absolutely amazing. It will so help the children with their well-being and it develops their learning as well. All our children will get a chance to use the items during break time or dinner time and at wet playtimes.”
Lowestoft Lions President John Swatton said: “Our club is pleased to help and we hope that the children enjoy playing and reading.”