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Lowestoft Lions Club joins others to donate vital
equipment to a hospital during pandemic

Lowestoft Lions have joined other clubs from the catchment of James Paget University Hospital (JPUH) to fund a vital piece of equipment to help to protect NHS staff during the current pandemic. The specialist
equipment will ensure that the masks worn by the staff are fitted correctly and give the best protection.
John Swatton President of Lowestoft Lions Club said, “I was inspired by Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore who, coming up to 100 years old, has raised over £32 million for the NHS charities – I thought what can Lions do to help in the current crisis?
After contacting JPUH they suggested equipment costing about £10,000 that tests facemasks used by staff in the Coronavirus wards for leaks. All masks are subject to a ‘Face Fit’ test, which refers to the process of
checking respiratory protective equipment to see if it offers adequate levels of protection to the wearer. There are two types of face fit testing, qualitative (taste test) and quantitative (particle counting). The latter test is the better of the two and will be possible with the new donated equipment.

Other Lions clubs locally at Lowestoft, Beccles, Southwold, Halesworth, Gt. Yarmouth, Bungay, Wroxham & Hoveton and Norfolk Broads – clubbed together to contributed to the £10000 cost.

John Swatton said: “The Lions Clubs Foundation of the British Isles also made a significant contribution from a special fund launched to support local communities during the COVID-19 crisis. This Coronavirus
pandemic is hurting lots of local people in lots of different ways – just because we are all social distancing doesn’t stop us from caring.” He added, “Throughout the year the community supports our fund-
raising events and now that we are in the middle of a Coronavirus emergency it is good to be able to give something back. Should any members of the public need to go into hospital they will know that staff
are well protected.”
A JPUH spokesman said “Face fit testing is designed to provide workers with the best protection against the effects of hazardous materials (in this case Covid-19). It can ensure the best possible seal to the user’s face, reducing the chances of any dangerous particles entering the mask and being inhaled. The equipment is suitable for use with disposable and reusable half masks and full-face masks and will be needed for the foreseeable future. We are very grateful to the Lions for this donation ”

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